Handcrafted jewellery by david

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Located in Calgary, Alberta, Blackburn Jewellers has over 600 styles of rings, bracelets and necklaces for clients to try on and be inspired by.

David offers a full guarantee with any item he designs, and whether the jewellery piece should need a minor adjustment or a complete restyle, there is no extra charge. It is David’s satisfaction guarantee. It is very important to David that his clients enjoy and appreciate their custom made jewellery piece.

Although David is a designer, he prides himself on creating functional pieces. Some of the styles he creates, clients will undoubtedly see in several magazines or jewellery stores. He can work from virtually any drawing, picture or idea that his clients provide. David has crafted a large selection to view, so clients can collaborate to create their own style from several of his ideas. A mix and match concept.

David’s collection of ring and pendant styles are just a small sample of the pieces that he has designed and created during his 38 years in the jewellery business in Calgary.


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Jewellery Restyling & Repair

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Restyling of dated, unused or sentimental jewellery is an important aspect of David's work, as many clients have pieces they may no longer wear or need. These items can be restyled or traded in on new ideas, which may be better suited to today’s tastes and styles. Gold can be repurposed several times, along with gemstones.

The re-mixing of old gold requires a trained goldsmith to ensure the proper procedure so the new creation will have the look and feel of a fresh design. This can greatly reduce the cost to you as his client. However, if your jewellery is sentimental to you, David can use it in a new design. Or if you choose, you can also trade in your old gold, the value of which will go towards the cost of your new jewellery piece.



David is trained in all aspects of jewellery repairs. Sometimes a simple and inexpensive repair can add years to a cherished piece of jewellery.

David takes great care to advise whether a piece of jewellery has outlived its purpose and if the repair cost outweighs the dollar value.

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